8 Year Olds Asked To Write About Their Grandparents…These Are Their Hilarious Answers!

#1 No Playing For Grandparents

“Grandparents don’t have to do anything except be there when we come to see them. They are so old they shouldn’t play hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the shops and give us money.”


#2 Look At The Nature!

“When they take us for walks, they slow down past things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.”


#3 Brutally Honest

“Usually grandmothers are fat but not too fat to tie your shoes.”


#4 Granny Panties

“They wear glasses and funny underwear.”


#5 Removable Teeth

“They can take their teeth and gums out.”


#6 They Love You

“Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if you don’t have television, because they are the only grown ups who like to spend time with us.”


#7 Snack Before Bed

“They know we should have snack-time before bedtime and they say prayers with us every time and kiss us even when we’ve acted bad.”


#8 Apparently They Live In Airports!

A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived. ”Oh,” he said, ”She lives at the airport and when we want her we just go get her. Then when we’re done having her visit, we take her back to the airport.”


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