He Started Singing With A Powerful Voice. When His Partner Joins Him? I’m Silent!

Singing talent is found on talent shows all over the world. On an edition of Britain’s Got Talent two singers performed and have been a success ever since. These singers are Jonathan and Charlotte and while they perform separately on their own albums they need to get together more often so you can enjoy a powerful duet like this one.

While the pair met in High School in 2006 they have been singing together and separately ever since. This video was taken from the British morning show called “This Morning” and it really shows how great the two are together. The song starts off with Charlotte singing in her alto voice, and then in comes Jonathan with a strong Baritone. Combining the two with this song titled “Angle” the magic seems to happen.

These singers have sold over a quarter million albums together, bringing their great voices to many. But while they are currently seeking solo careers it is obvious that together they can perform great works.

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