They Were On Top Of The World When Their Firstborn Was Born… But All That Changed 14 Weeks Later!

The firstborn of Kellie Haddock was born 10 years ago. The birth meant everything for Kellie and AJ as a couple. The family was then involved in a horrific vehicle accident when Eli was only 14 weeks of age. Eli got severe injuries but the father did not survive. This video begins by Kellie narrating the touching tragedy that her young family went through and in an uplifting unfolding of events 10 years later, she thanks all those who did all they could to ensure her baby survived.

The incredibility of Kellie is what made us to share this story. She has a warm personality and some kind spirit that makes her to express a lot of positivity to life even after going through such a tragedy. She is very inspiring and one in a million. This story reminds us to be always thankful for the little we have even if we might have gone through a lot in life. She never fails to thank those who helped her in life though they might have been strangers doing their role. The medical professionals who helped her are amazed when Kellie introduces herself and thanks them for saving Eli. This raises the need for thanking heroes such as doctors who have been taken for granted for such a long time.

Though this is a tear-jerking story, be ready to be uplifted once you come to its end. We have got an inspiration of thanking those who have helped us all through by watching this video and we hope you too can see the value of doing it after watching this!

Did this video inspire you or what were your thoughts of Kellie’s unbelievable story? Comment below for us to know!

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